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Hurricane Florence Charities Warning

It is starting.  You have seen on the media the destruction that came about from Hurricane Florence. Calls for financial aid are going out and donations are being solicited, I am starting to hear reports that scams are in play to solicit donations by non-legitimate people and agencies.


It is important to remember to PLEASE BE CAREFUL when dealing with these organizations.   (more…)

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Hurricane Harvey Donation Warning

We are all very aware of the damage and destruction that has occurred to Houston, TX and the surrounding areas due to Hurricane Harvey.  Those of us who live in Florida are well aware of how a hurricane can and does affect the lives of those impacted by these storms.  Sometimes the only help we can provide for those affected by the storm is by our financial support through donations.  If you want to make a donation, please do so carefully.  In today’s world of the internet, social media, email, telephone campaigns, there will be those scams to entice you to make a contribution.  Many of these will try to impersonate a bona fide and reputable charity by using information so closely similar to that of the legitimate organization that you may be misled.  Here are a couple of tips I suggest that you follow. (more…)

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