The One Thing

What is the one thing that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary? READ THE BOOK !!!! The book I am talking about is titled “The One Thing – The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results” written by Gary Keller. This is a FANTASTIC book and is well worth the read. I am constantly being asked “what can I do to help and improve my business, to improve my tax position, to have better results in my financial outlook”. If you follow the advice given in the book, I personally guarantee you that it will make a big difference in your life. It is amazing how focusing on “the one thing” will lead you in the direction you need to be going to accomplish your goal. As good as the book is and as good of a job as Gary Keller has done in writing the book, he has messed up. Several of the pages are out of order (in my opinion) and as such, I suggest reading the book in the following page order:


Page 146 – 147

Page 106 – 107

Page 108 – 109

Page 115 – 116

Page 150 – 151

Page 166

Page 176 – 177

Page 1 through the end of the book


Trust me and read this book. It will be well worth your time. I know you will enjoy it and thanks.

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